First Course • Pick 3

Wood Fired Bread & Anchovy Butter

Dressed Oysters | Our Choice of Raw Oyster with a Seasonal Garnish

Red Snapper Crudo | Blood Orange, Serrano, Baby Red Shiso

Red Butter Lettuce | Whole Grain Mustard, Toasted Almond, Pickled Turnips, Orange, Castelvetrano Olive

Baby Romaine | Green Goddess, Spring Radish, Kumquat, Olive Oil Crouton, Parmesan

Baked Ricotta | Radish, Wood Fired Bread

Chicken Liver | Mustard Greens, Mushroom, Tamari

Poppy’s Caviar | Sour Cream, Spring Onions, AL Paddlefish, Vinaigrette, Crackers


Second Course • Pick 3

Wood Roasted Carrots | Yogurt, Date, Lime, Herbs

Cauliflower | Pistachio Aillade, Cauliflower Puree, Sultana, Fennel Conserva

Mushroom Risotto | Piccolo Faro, Oyster Mushroom, Leeks, Fennel

Linguini with Clams | Manila Clams, Calabrian Chili, Lemon, Mint, Basil

Trout | Fingerling Potato, Pickled Apple, Sunflower, Yogurt

Braised Lamb | Polenta, Preserved Meyer Lemon, Olive, Parsley

Pork Sausage | Swiss Chard Leaves, Stem Mostarda


Plated Dessert • Pick 1

Brown Goat | Flourless Chocolate Cake, Cajata Ganache, Goats Milk Ice Cream, Root Beer Chocolate Sauce

Charleston Rice Pudding | Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding, Salt & Pepper Pecans, Charleston Madeira Gelee, Bay Leaf Ice Cream, Rice Tuile

Atlantic Beach Pavlova | Toasted Sugar Meringue, Candied Meyer Lemon, Lemon Curd, Tres Leches Sherbet, Cardamom Cream

Smoke & Citrus | Olive Oil Cake, Mezcal Spiked Citrus, Pepita Nut Crunch, Avocado “Sherbet”


Party Favor • Pick 1

Spiced Caramels

Tomorrow’s Breakfast | Granola