Vintage '59 Imports
Wine Dinner 

Enjoy an evening in our Private Dining Room with a four-course, family style meal prepared by Henrietta Red complimented by wines from Vintage '59 Imports and 100% Italiano

We hope you'll join us for this special event!

WHAT: Four-Course Dinner by Henrietta Red  +  Wine Pairings by Vintage '59 and 100% Italiano

WHERE: The Private Dining Room at Henrietta Red

WHEN: Wednesday, March 7th from 6:00PM to 8:00PM

PRICE: $78 per person 


More About the Wine

About Vintage ‘59

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Vintage ‘59 is a wine importer that brings unique and lesser-known French wines to be sold and enjoyed in the United States. The business has roots that extend back to 1997, when owner Roy Cloud first traversed the country, speaking broken French in order to make connections and build rapport with growers that remain a part of the family today. Vintage ’59 focuses on the rich relationships that have sprung from their community of growers, and within that community seeks wines that have a depth of fruit, length and elegance. The rule is simple: you work with people who make you proud and whose wine you drink at home.


About 100% Italiano

100% Italiano is a wine distribution company based out of Nashville that specializes in old world style wines from Europe and the Americas. Co-owners of the business, Maria and Adrea Pia decided to funnel their shared love of Italian wines into a business enterprise. A scientist at Vanderbilt University by day and a Tango instructor by night (she is actually the cofounder of Tango Nashville), Maria is also the president of 100% Italiano and the expert behind wine pairings. Andrea, originally from the province of Verona, has personally tasted and approved every single label the company carries. With an emphasis on boutique wines, indigenous and rare grapes, classic styles and wines for collectors, 100% Italiano offers a bottle for every table and every meal.